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Guide on getting a New Zealand Student Visa


Guide on getting a New Zealand Student Visa

Detailed guide on how to get a New Zealand student visa, including courses one can study, type of student visa, Application for New zealand student visa Procedures, Requirements for New zealand student Visa and many More

A lot of questions have been asked on the best procedures to follow when seeking for a New Zealand student visa. But before we get started we need to answer some of these popular queries has have been made over studying in New Zealand.

Guide on getting a New Zealand Student Visa Photo -
Guide on getting a New Zealand Student Visa Photo –

What are the courses one can study in New Zealand.

Before a foreign national starts applying for a student visa, he or she must have applied to a university and successfully gained admission to study an approved course by the academic institution. How ever it it worth to note that only course approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) can be studies in New Zealand. Click here to find New Zealand approved courses for students.

The type of student visa required

New Zealand student visa is divided into 3 main types which accommodates different types of students who wish to study in the country are they include the following

  1. Fee paying student visa: This is the type of visa that every student who whish to study a full time course in New Zealand would be required to acquire. However you are to pay the full cost of your courses and enroll with an approved academic institution of which you will definitely enjoy all high-quality teaching standards and gain internationally recognized qualifications in New Zealand.
  2. Pathway student visa: If you wish to study multiple courses let say three consecutive courses within a long period of time this form of visa is for such a person. Nevertheless this form of visa also offer of place with a Pathway education provider and be able to pay your tuition fees
  3. A Dependent Child Student Visa: Children who are still dependent on their parents for sponsorship. here the child is allowed to go to school in new Zealand while his/her parents work.

Application for New Zealand student visa Procedures

There are two main methods of applying for new Zealand student visa which include online application and application in person. To apply for new Zealand student visa online you would need to sign up and submit your scanned documents to New Zealand’s immigration website,

If you wish to apply in person you would be required to visit the New Zealand embassy in your country of residence to apply. Meanwhile upon using any of the methods of application it is recommended that you apply 6 weeks before you plan relocating to New Zealand for studies.

Requirements for New Zealand student Visa

Since the procedure for applying for new Zealand student visa has been explained above, it i worthy to note that the scanned documents which you tend to submit to the embassy or upload to New Zealand immigration is comprised of the documents required to apply for student visa. Below are the requirements

  1. Admission letter
  2. International passport
  3. Proof of sufficient funds
  4. Evidence of onward travel
  5. Medical certificates
  6. Police certificate
  7. Travel insurance

Requirements discussed in details

  1. Admission letter : In order to apply successfully for student visa, the proposed student must have been offered an admission into any academic institution in New Zealand. Once the admission has been offered to the student, him or her is issued an admission letter which would be submitted to the countries immigration website. Mind you the academic institution that is offering this admission must be Licensed and course offered approved by the institution must be approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  2. International passport: You will be required to submit a means of identification and during visa applications only international passports issued by your country of origin are accepted. For better understanding international passport are small booklets that contain the holder’s name, place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue, date of expiry, passport number, photo and signature.
  3. Proof of sufficient funds: This is another important requirement, you will have to proof to the Ne Zealand embassy that you have enough funds to foot your living expenses.This proof of sufficient funds can be in form of a bank statement, if you are self sponsored but if you are not self sponsored there should be a grant, loan or scholarship funds available to proof you can take care of your self in New Zealand for the period of your study. How ever you would You have to prove you have a minimum of New Zealand $15,000 approximately US$10,870 for every year if your program is longer than nine months.
  4. Evidence of onward travel: It also known as a proof of payment for return ticket, or evidence of funds readily available for return tickets. This is required so that you will not find it difficult to leave the country once you finish your studies. On the other hand it serves as a proof of you having plans not to over stay your visa, that is you are ready to go once your visa and academic program elapses.
  5. Medical certificates: You definitely have to be medically fit to study in a foreign country like New Zealand. A chest x-ray certificate, general medical certificate, tuberculosis screening results and any other medical fitness documents must be submitted.
  6. Police certificate: The truth is no country wants people with high criminal records come to their country, and New Zealand is not an exception. Therefore If you are under 18 years of age, you will also have to present evidence of arranged housing, but if you are above 18 years, you would be required to submit a police certificate of “good character”.
  7. Travel insurance: If you are a self sponsored student, your travel insurance must be submitted to the embassy. However the good news here is that you can contact the New Zealand academic institution that offered you admission and it would be taken care of from their end.

Required IELTS score For New Zealand Student visa

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an international exam that ascertains your ability to communicate well in English language and has been in use since 1980. When applying for admission to study in any approved university or academic institution in New Zealand you are required to take part in the IELTS Examination and the grade is between 0 – 10 points for each band.

For a study visa, you are expected to score above 5.5 in each of the 4 bands. But if you wish to study engineering related course or medical courses an average IELTS Score of 6.5 and above is recommended. How ever for students who are in the education or teaching profession it is paramount you get an IELTS score higher than 7.0.

Awaiting your New Zealand Student visa decision

As stated earlier in this article, all New Zealand student visa applicants are advised to apply at least two months before commencement of their academic program in the country. This is highly important because it takes an average of 4-6 weeks to get decision from the New Zealand embassy.

Two decisions are expected from the embassy, it could be an approval or disapproval. Should in any case your visa gets disapproved you still have the right to appeal the refusal or disapproval by writing to the New Zealand embassy giving them reason why you think the visa disapprove was an error.

On the other, It is worthy to note that a cost might be applicable when appealing, although if the New Zealand embassy reviews your decision and agrees with you that the visa refusal as an error, you would be granted Visa to study the course of your choice in New Zealand.

Also have in mind that there are requirements to enable you appeal New Zealand student visa refusal and they include the following

  • You should be living at New Zealand to be able to appeal
  • You must have an existing valid visa or a temporary New Zealand Visa.

Working with a New Zealand Student visa

You can actually Wok in New Zealand using a student visa, but mind you it is possible if you visa is a Fee paying student visa. All students with the stated type of visa are eligible to work for about 20 hours per eek and as long as you wish during holidays. If you are a research student, that is a PHD student you are exempted from the working limits. All PHD students can work as many hours as the wish.

After your study in New Zealand you can still work in New Zealand as many hours you wish, though we recommend you contact a visa consultant on this regards.

Do well to find more articles related to this if you wish to study Abroad.

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