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NYSC online platform in your pocket


NYSC online platform in your pocket

Detailed description, of basic information as it affects Corps members throughout the service year with regards to their operations on the NYSC online platform.

Let us start with a quick intoduction to Nysc and what Nysc is all about. NYSC which means National Youth Service Corps is a compulsory one (1) year service to the father land by all Nigerians. It was established by the then military head of state General Yakubu Gowon after the civil war.

This compulsory one year service comprises of 4 main segments which include the following

  1. Orientation camp.
  2. Place Primary Assignment (PPA).
  3. Community Development Service (CDS).
  4. Winding – Up / Passing – Out parade.
NYSC online platform in your pocket Photo
NYSC online platform in your pocket Photo

Baisc information regarding NYSC online platforms

NYSC online platform is the official online handles of the service. Thse online handles include the NYSC official website, portal abd social media accounts. Below are detailed description, of basic information as it affects Corps members throughout the service year with regards to their operations on the NYSC online platform.

NYSC online platforms

  1. Official NYSC website is
  2. NYSC portal :

Services on NYSC Corps member’s dashboard

There are lots of services provided b the NYSC portal and those services include the following;

  1. Correction of course of study
  2. Correction of class of degree
  3. Correction of qualification
  4. Application for name spelling mistakes, re-arrangement of names and addition of/removal of names
  5. Application for relocation of camp
  6. Application for CDS project
  7. Printing of PPA
  8. Printing of leave approval letter
  9. History of your monthly biometric attendance
  10. Cancellation of relocation approval

Corps members Dashboard

After you have successfully logged into your NYSC account, the first screen that appears is your dashboard. It displays your basic details, pictures and other links.

NYSC Corps Members Dashboard Photo
NYSC Corps Members Dashboard Photo

Login Details reset on the NYSC Portal

The facility to reset your login details is online. in a situation it does not work, you can call NYSC helplines, chat with an agent on the NYSC chat platform or proceed to any state secretariat closest to you and present your complain

Biometric failure in camp

When faced with biometric failure in camp, write and submit an application letter in the orientation camp before leaving. NYSC will work on it before the next batch/stream for recapture.

Wrong Date of graduation

Should in case you are faced with a wrong date of graduation issue on your call up letter, contact your University to write to NYSC.

Wrong course of study

It is necessary to note that your school SAO sees your request on his/her handle and upload on the portal for NYSC to process accordingly. Therefore in case of an error in the course of study below is what to do ;

  1. Log on to your Dashboard
  2. Click on the link “Course Correction”
  3. Select course of study and
  4. Click on send request.

Correction of class of degree/qualification

Should in case your your school in one way or the other made a mistake in your class or degree or even your qualification. You can follow the following steps below;

  1. Log on to your dashboard
  2. Click on the link “correction of course of study”
  3. Select class of degree/qualification
  4. click send request

Note: This approval is strictly by your institution students affairs officers (SAOs)

Name correction

There are three (3) types of name corrections you can effect via your dashboard

  1. Spelling mistakes
  2. Re-arrangement of names
  3. Addition/removal of name(s) to effect correction

Here is the steps to correct your name on NYSC dashboard

  1. Log on to your dashboard
  2. click on the link “application for change of name”
  3. select the appropriate option
  4. input your request and submit


  • Option for name(s) addition/removal has been automated to be handled by your institution
  • correction of names is a continuous process up until three (3) months to the end of the service year. Any request thereafter can only be effected by returning the original NYSC certificate carrying the wrongly spelt name with a written application
  • Ensure you apply for name corrections or name addition through your dashboard on time to avoid errors on your NYSC certificate of national service.

Wrong Matriculation Number

In this case contact your institution to write NYSC officially. The application must contain corp’s member’s name, call up number, the wrong matriculation number.

Wrongly deployed for national service

This is usually associated with wrong date of birth or date of graduation. If this is observed in the course of camp registration, you cannot be registered. You are to make written application to the director- General through the state coordinator attaching all relevant documents for possible review of your case, example evidence of birth, copy of WAEC result an WAEC verification pin.

Foreign trained not verified in camp

Foreign trained prospective corps members (PCMs) must present the original of all their documents during camp verification. A foreign trained PCM not verified in camp is not deemed registered and cannot be relocated or posted to place of primary assignment.

Note that 14 days after orientation, all cases not verified will be moved to revalidation in the next batch.

Correction of wrong course by foreign trained graduate

you can apply for correction of wrong course by foreign trained graduate from your username and password.

Camp relocation

All relocation applications during the orientation course are collated and treated within the three (3) weeks of camp period.

All foreign trained corps member with pending camp verification can neither be relocated nor posted for primary assignment.

Release of camp relocation

Successful applications for relocation during camp are released on the portal immediately after the closing ceremony. You will receive an sms in this regard. You must report and register in your new state on or before 21 days from the date of the release of the relocation, otherwise the relocation is automatically canceled by the system.

Relocation after orientation course

Corps member can apply online for relocation after orientation exercise but approval can only be given after he/she has spent three (3) months in the present state of deployment.

Printing of relocation

a corps member relocated one month after orientation course must be cleared by the state coordinate on the NYSC portal before he/she can print relocation letter. This final clearance by the state coordinator must be after the corps member has been cleared by his/her employer and the LGI.

Cancellation of relocation

follow this steps below to cancel Nysc relocation

  1. Log onto your dashboard
  2. Click on “Manage relocation”
  3. Click on “Cancel relocation” to apply for cancellation of relocation.

Rejection in the place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

When a corps member is rejected by an employer, he/she will be issued with a rejection letter. Go to your local government inspector (LGI) who is employed on the NYSC portal to repost you within the same LGA only.

Period of monthly biometric clearance in LGAs

The approved period for this exercise is from 1st to 10th of every month including weekends.

Requirement for monthly Biometric Clearance

Corps members must present duly signed clearance letter from him/her employer and must be present for biometric identification. The identification must be successful to mark you present. No clearance by proxy

Biometric attendance History

Your attendance history can be see on the LGA clearance tab. You follow this link to view your biometric attendance history Note you need to be logged in before you van view it. Below is a photo of the NYSC attendance History page.

Biometric attendance History Photo
Biometric attendance History Photo

Leave (Sick, Maternity etc.) During the service year

To achieve this you will have to submit a written application to your local Government inspector (LGI), who processes it online through the zonal inspector. Once the state coordinators approves the application online, the system marks the biometric attendance automatically through out the approved leave period.

Note: Once you exceed the period of leave, contact your LGI immediately for necessary action.


If a corps member is absent from his/her post for consecutive three (3) months, he/she is said to have absconded from service. Whenever he/she reappears after all administrative clearance, will log onto to the NYSC portal and click on the “Remobilization” link once it is available.


This is for a mobilized prospective corps member who did not report to the orientation camp. Whenever he/she is ready to serve, should click on the “Revalidation” link on the NYSC portal to revalidate his/her registration.

NYSC social media account

Other platform to reach and access information from the NYSC are as follows;

  1. Facebook:
  2. Twitter: or @officialnyscng
  3. Instagram: or @officialnyscng

Basic information and Tip For Youth Corpers Before going to Orientation Camp:

As stated in the beginning of this article the first stage of the NYSC program is the orientation camp. All prospective members who were posted to various orientation camps in the country Nigeria are expected at the orientation.

Orientation camping is compulsory for all prospective Corp members. Below are tips and basic information for youth corpers going to the camp

  1. All Corp members are to wear their caps always
  2. After your registration in the orientation camp you would be given a meal ticket. Ensure you don’t misplace it because once misplaced you will not have access to the food provided in the camp.
  3. You will be called a new name which is Otondos meaning some one who does not know anything
  4. There are people who wash clothes of which prospective Corp members can patronize them for some tokens.
  5. Be prepared to meet different types of people of different believe character and mentality.
  6. It is paramount you come to the camp with some pocket money. This is to enable you buy things and take care of your self better in the camp. Meanwhile all Corp members will be paid a travel allowance upon reaching the orientation camp. The monthly allowance will be paid to the corpers almost at the end of the camping period.
  7. Most time the khaki uniform, shoes and other wears provided by the Nysc officials are either over sized or under sized. if your uniform or shoe is not your size you can exchange with another Corp member or even amend it in the mami’s shop but endeavor to negotiate well with the people amending the clothes or shoes.
  8. You can join any of the religious groups, churches, mosque in the camp. There are three main religious association present in the orientation camp and they are;
    • NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship)
    • NACC (The National Association of Catholic Chaplains)
    • MCAN (Muslim Corpers’ Association Of Nigeria).
  9. Ensure you obey all instructions given by the camp authorities or soldiers. It is adviced you obey the soldiers even before you complain. Soldiers are always strict but they ae not beat corpers in the camp.
  10. Ensure You read and study your call up letter judiciously so as to avoid making mistakes
  11. Camp activities are usually stressful and time consuming, there fore there is no time for jokes, cruise.
  12. You are expected to always wear your white polo and white short every moment in the camp apart from Sundays or when the camp authorities directs otherwise.
  13. You will have to pay to charge your phones, batteries and power banks. In these case all corpers charge their phones according to their platoons.
  14. There are places available where you can charge your batteries at the camp market.
  15. Corp members in the orientation camp are fed 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night. However if you are a foodie that is some one who loves good food you will have to patronize the restaurant in the camp.
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